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Motorcycle repair shop wall


We don’t speak jargon words, such as “brand”. That’s for expensive marketing.

BIG IMAGE is about your character and personality as you’d wish to express it through the power of a great image. It’s that simple.

As a business, community organisation or individual, when you proudly stand out from the crowd you will be more successful than those who just blend in.

We can cover a wall, or almost any large surface (interior or exterior), with an image you give us, or we’ll find a suitable one for you. Place an order today or make an enquiry.

Incidentally, a beautiful BIG IMAGE could also be the inspiration for a new website or for use on smaller print items. We can handle that as well.

What's behind BIG IMAGE?

BIG IMAGE is based on the Kāpiti Coast and printing and installation is handled by our local suppliers throughout New Zealand.

Wellington-based is our business partner and delivers all BIG IMAGE print studio requirements and, where the need arises, website build and design.






“The world accommodates you for fitting in, but only rewards you for standing out.” 

Matshona Dhliwayo

“One picture is worth a thousand words.”

Fred R. Barnard

“It is not important to make many pictures but that I have one picture right.”

Piet Mondrian

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