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A brand is often described as “all the things that go into perceptions of something – a product, a business or an organisation.”

It’s therefore easy to see how important it is to the health and wealth of these entities, since the impression of others is, well critical.

Here’s another way of looking at it. Think of a ‘brand’ as being how others might view a person. Maybe they are kind and considerate, or maybe bold and hard-headed. Whatever it might be, it can be a help or maybe a hinderance.

BIG IMAGE launched this week because we want to make it easy and simple to have an impact on how others see you. Whether it’s a business or organisation brand, or just you personally.

Explore this website to see how we put your brand into your hands. I think you’ll see how getting a BIG IMAGE can add something dramatic and appropriate to how people perceive you.

Fraser Carson has more than 40 years experience as a marketer and communicator. He is
 the founding partner of Wellington-based Flightdec is a business partner in BIG IMAGE. Flightdec’s kaupapa is to challenge the status quo of the internet to give access to more reliable and valuable citizen generated content, and to improve connectivity and collaboration.


The launch of our brand can be the launch of your brand

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